Spelt and Asparagus Salad

Spelt and Asparagus Salad
Prep Time : 15 minutes  |  Cook Time : 1  |  Servings : 6

This is a delightfully easy raw recipe from Chef Elizabeth Schandelmeier Gilgunn of Slow Cooked Pittsburgh.  Just soak the spelt berries overnight, (or cook them if you have less time), slice a few spices, and you’ve got a delicious and nutritious dish for picnics and meals!


4 cups soaked spelt(or use cooked if you don't have time to soak overnight)
8 fat stems asparagus, (more if the stems are slim), cut into 1/4-inch rounds
Small bunch spring onion, cut into thin rings
3 Tbs. minced fresh chervil (or 1 Tbs. dry)
2 Tbs. vinegar of choice
c. good quality olive oil
Sea salt and pepper, to taste


1. In a large bowl, combine spelt, asparagus and spring onions, tossing to mix. 

2. Combine chervil, vinegar, olive oil, sea salt and pepper, either a bowl (to whisk) or small jar with lid (to shake). Combine thoroughly. 

3. Pour dressing over grains and stir well to coat. Flavors will develop as the salad sits. 

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